R e i k i   with   Debrah

Hands for Health Therapy Center

Reiki is a holistic healing 

    Some of the Benefits  and prices are...


  • assist in breaking negative thought patterns 
  • assist in breaking behavior patterns
  • Promotes peace of mind
  • assist with depression issues
  • detoxify's the body of poisons
  • can increase one's energy 
  • vitalize the body & soul
  • helps with anxiety, headaches & insomnia
  • re-establishes mental clarity, well-being, spiritual  equalibrium
  • grief issues
  • deepens spiritual awareness
  • relieves levels of pain
  • assist in healing with addictions
  • assist with chronic illness issues
  • adds more joy & happiness
  • reiki has a long history of uses & aids in  in  all area's
  • is beneficial to animals too
   It truly can transform,
                                    lift and  
                                               improve a person's perception, disposition, pain 
                                               bring forth a greater quality to their daily life!!!

Though ...
       it is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.  It has no dogma and people of all 

various religions have practiced Reiki and have found that it blesses and even 

complements their own, personal religious experience. 

                          Where the essence of compassion and love prevail, 
                                                fear cannot rule! 


30 min. session $30.00

45 min. session $45.00

60 min. session $60.00

90 min. session $90.00

if you purchase a package of 3 together, I give you a 50% discount on the 3rd one!

ANIMALS:  15 MIN. SESSION  $15.00  (they can benefit too)

Long distant session available as well