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At Reiki with Debrah,  

                              which is located in the Hands for Health Therapy Center,  I am a certified Reiki professional and minister.  As a Spiritual Coach, I aspire to help and assist others in their healing in an alternative manner and improve their way of living, for their highest good.  My mission is to help others tap into a healthier state of being, right here, right now, enjoying their journey. 

What is Reiki ?

     It is a gentle, light to no touch, healing practice that is safe and simple.  Yet, it can be very profound and positive to one's life!   A client is fully clothed and in a comfortable setting, one usually is in a laying position although one can be sitting as well.  There are energy meridians within the body near the head, throat, heart, stomach, back & feet, which the practitioners hands are placed above.   This technique brings balance & harmony to the client, and can de-stress & re-fresh, taking the feeling of heaviness off ones self and gifting them with a lighter countenance.  Some people get so relaxed during a session that they fall asleep and that is O.K.  Though everyone's healing process is different and their experience is unique.  

    Explaining Reiki to someone is like attempting to describe the wind.  Words don't compare to the observation or experience one may have with this Ancient Art of Reiki because it truly is in the experience.    Though, I am going to give you a brief scientific description of this biofield energy and how it works.   It plays an important role in our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs and our actions.  As well as the energy vibration that surrounds us.  For example nature is a natural energy where as radiation is unnatural.  Our body is  a field of bio-electric & magnetic energy which responds to the quality of air we breathe, the food we eat, and the energy field around us.  These bio-electricity pulsations spread throughout our entire body, through the matrix of the continuous tissue, this web is under the skin covering of the whole body.  A physical injury, stress, chocking or worrying thoughts and negative beliefs journey through this interconnect, coordinated systems of our being and create tensions (collagen formation)  in the myofascial, muscular and visceral parts of our body.  Meaning that any body & mind actions, thoughts and beliefs are immediately perceived in our physiology and create either a positive response or negative response.  A positive response keeps our growing cells healthy and a negative response leads to muscular tensions and dying cells.    Which is responsible for the effects of ageing, chronic pains, immune system deficiency and leading over time to  degenerative illnesses such as cancer. If someone has a restricted flow or low life force energy, they are more vulnerable to illness and disease.  When this energy is gone within the body we call that death.    Any trama one may experience can effect these 4 area's body, mind, spirit and emotions so our healing should take place on all aspects of ourselves... which is wholeness.  The definition of wholeness is:  the condition of being sound in body.  The quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification.  Complete not divided or disjoined.  A Biblical definition of wholeness is:  the state of being  perfectly well in body, soul (mind, will and emotions) and spirit.  Complete sanctification and restoration.    

Reiki helps bring balance, harmony and healing on all aspects of our being.  When one works to clear and balance these energy meridians within the body, research has indicated this to be very effective, because disease can be rooted in emotional and mental disturbances.  These disturbances can be contained within a person's energy field on a cellular level.  This energy is measurable by science and shows that our cells and DNA communicate through this energy!  When a person is treated on this level, their ability to be healed is greatly enhanced.  Again, working on all 4 levels...body, mind, spirit & emotions.  

The popularity of Reiki in hospitals has been largely driven by request from patients, nurses, and doctors who have experienced its wonders for themselves.  (As referenced below).  According to the American Hospital Association in 2007 over 800 American Hospitals were offering Reiki as a service in their hospitals.  Patients have reported that Reiki has reduced stress, helped reduce pain, and also improved sleep and appetite.  It has been reported to reduce many of the unwanted side effects of radiation and drugs, including chemotherapy.  At the Victory Center, here in Toledo, they offer several alternative treatments to deal with Cancer patients ... one of which is Reiki. Reiki can be used before or after surgery, because it complements traditional medicine to achieve healing.  It works to detoxify the body and build the immune system also.  Dr. C. Norman Shealy has stated emphatically, these types of techniques are the future of our health.

     Words truly cannot express the value of a session. To experience Reiki is to know it's gift, which can bring forth personal transformation and a  happier healthier you!

There is a light in this world...a healing spirit much stronger 

than any darkness we may encounter.  

We sometimes lose sight of this force..

.where there is suffering and too much pain. 

 And suddenly the spirit will emerge...

through lives of ordinary people, and answer in extraordinary ways.

  In the silence of the heart and in the stillness, one can listen.   

Mother Teresa


My Biography:  

My Passion is to offer assistance to others who may be in need of a compassionate heart, offering strength, encouragement & wisdom, to assist a person as they move forward in a holistic manner to achieve a happier healthier state  of being.  Wanting to invite more enjoyment into this life and being free with less suffering!  I've worked with children, woman and men, offering support and growth during difficult times of their lives.  Children that were in juvenile facility's and founded a transitional house, Glory to Glory as well.  I've worked closely with a disabled child through my life and which has led me to work closely with the medical community.  I too had many questions and looked for answers to health & happiness, as "Life has been a great teach and I have been a good student".

I personally experience Reiki many years ago and it touched me on a deep level, in positive ways.  So I then studied about this healing and learned the Art of Reiki.  Now I am a Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and I've observed the grace of this technique and seen it's beautiful powerful effects touch lives.  I worked at "The Victory Center" doing Reiki on their cancer patients and cancer survivors, in 2013 to 2014.  I've also worked with hospice patients as well and I've seen the ugliness of the disease.  

I am a ordained Minister, and do spiritually coach too. 


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